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Belly fat in women! OK girls, it’s time to fight the fat guys and win!

Belly fat in women can be caused by many different things. Heredity, hormonal changes, age, and especially menopause can increase abdominal fat in women. Gaining fat in your abdomen and midsection doesn’t just affect your appearance, it can be extremely unhealthy! Researchers have linked excess belly fat to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and other health problems!

But I’m here to bring you some good news! There is hope! There is a way to lose weight and start looking good. You can start to feel good again and have a lot more energy. Regaining your health will enhance all aspects of your life. Your energy, your confidence, your mood, your sex drive, and even your brainpower will all increase once you make the decision!

The choice is yours. Choosing to make a lifestyle change. I’m not just talking about another boring “fad” diet scheme. I’m talking about a total life change to start eating healthy and doing the right exercises. Choosing to get your health back will make you lose pounds and keep them off forever!

Health risks associated with belly fat

Belly fat in women is more harmful than growing out your favorite pair of pants. Researchers have shown that abdominal fat increases the risk of:

heart disease
breast cancer
gallbladder problems
Metabolic syndrome
high blood pressure
other types of cancer
cholesterol problems

Researchers have also discovered that abdominal fat cells aren’t just dormant energy cells waiting to be burned. These cells are actually tiny active mucus that produces hormones and other substances. For example, fat cells produce hormones that promote insulin resistance and lead to diabetes. Other cells produce estrogen after menopause and increase the risk of breast cancer.

It’s time to fight belly fat!

The first! You must understand how your body works! Our bodies don’t just get fat in certain areas, although it can look worse on the belly or butt. Our bodies get fat all over. Therefore, the only way to lose belly fat… is to lose body fat!

This can be done by taking weight loss seriously. Lower your mental game and start making some changes. The first change you need to make is your eating habits. Eliminate soft drinks and reduce your sugar intake. Drink plenty of water (at least 8 glasses a day). Eat quality foods that are low in fat and remember… watch your portions.

Well, now you have your eating habits under control! Now it’s time to start doing some exercises. After all, the best way to lose belly fat for women is to eat healthy and burn off the extra calories. There is no way to lose fat only in the belly. So the only way to lose belly fat is to lose body fat. Start with cardio exercises. Make sure you push yourself hard enough to catch your breath and break a sweat. Here’s an amazing cardio workout for you to try, and it’ll only take 15-20 minutes! The key to this workout is speed. Do this as fast as you can and with the least amount of rest between your workout!

*First… spend 5 minutes warming up with jumping jacks and light jogging.
* Now do a 50 yard wind run!
* Drop down and do some push-ups. Make as many as you can!
*Now get up and do as many squats as you can using only your own body weight.
* Now squat down and do a maximal set of crunches.
*Now do 3-5 sets of that, and you’ll be burning tons of calories!

The best way to combat abdominal fat in women is by doing high-intensity, high-variability exercises like the previous exercise. What this means is that you should pick 4 or 5 exercises and do them fast and hard with rest periods in between. So instead of jogging for an hour, put in 20 minutes of high-intensity training and you’ll burn more calories and get stronger than ever.

Well, now you’ve made the decision to get your health back on track and lose some weight! You have to commit to yourself to fulfill it. Remember, your in this for the long term result. You should realize that you may not notice any visual difference for the first 4-6 weeks. Just hang in there and keep going. You can do it!

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