Baseball Money Bottom Teams

Baseball Money Bottom Teams

The season is still very early, but the teams are starting to have runs than we might expect for the rest of the season. It’s never too early to see which teams have disappointing starts at the box office and why that’s the case. Five teams are in the red of more than five units so far this season and here’s a closer look at those clubs.

New York Yankees 12-14 -9.4 Units

While the record may come as a surprise, the number of units thrown is not, as the Yankees are always an expensive team. New York has gotten off to a slow start the past two years, going from May 13-11 to May 1 last season and from May 10 to 15 through May 1, 2005. This year, their pitching has been the root of the trouble as his 4.67 ERA is fifth. to last all of baseball. The offense has taken them, but not enough to avoid a losing record and if it weren’t for Alex Rodriguez’s red-hot April, who knows where they would be. New York was 18-10 last May and is likely to repeat itself.

Texas Rangers 10-18 -8.8 Units

Texas has lost five games in a row and is only 5-13 since the season started at 5-5. The Rangers offense has been on a losing streak all season, hitting just barely. 231 after finishing sixth in the majors in hitting last season. Worse still is pitching, always a problem for Texas, as its ERA is 5.38, second to last in baseball. The Rangers are just 4-13 as underdogs after being swept by the Yankees and have lost nine games this season by more than four runs. Their next 10 games don’t bode well as they face Toronto, the Yankees again, and then the Angels.

St. Louis Cardinals 10-16 -8.4 Units

St. Louis has gotten off to a very rough start in its World Series defense. The Cardinals lost ace Chris Carpenter after one game and then the death of relief pitcher Josh Hancock devastated the team as they were swept in Milwaukee by a combined score of 23-3. St. Louis is disappointing 3-9 at home after winning 99 combined games at Busch Stadium the past two seasons. St. Louis is only ahead of Washington in slugging percentage as everyone, including Albert Pujols, is struggling. 11 of his 16 losses have been by four or more runs.

Chicago Cubs 12-14 -6.1 Units

The additional payroll hasn’t paid off so far for the Cubs, although things are looking better. Chicago has won five of its last six games after going through a brutal 4-11 streak. He’s played much better on the road as he’s 4-9 at Wrigley Field, but the next six games are at home against Washington and Pittsburgh, so things could change quickly, especially with the current he’s in. . The Cubs rank sixth in the majors in ERA and fifth in batting average, making the record that much more surprising. The problem is, they are 0-6 in one-run games.

Kansas City Royals 10-19 -5.8 Units

This is where many expected the young Royals to be at this stage of the season. However, Kansas City is playing much better, having gone 7-8 in its last 15 games after a lousy 3-11 start. Scoring runs is the Achilles heel, as the Royals have scored four runs or fewer in 19 of their 29 games. They’re near the middle of the league in hitting, on-base percentage and slugging, but deciding hitting is a real problem. Kansas City is 4-10 on the road, but the next six games are at home, so continued success is a possibility.

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