Celebrating Illiterate But Excellent Ghanaian Business Women – My Symbol for Mother’s Day 2019

Ghana, as a country, can support a considerable number of working women who, despite their limitations with formal literacy, are trying to make ends meet while providing their families with all material needs. This is true of these diligent women who support their husbands in taking care of the house. There are countless single mothers who have assumed the dual […]

Turkey Rope Lifting: How To Do It

Have you ever found yourself in this situation? You just cooked a beautiful 20+ pound turkey, and now is the time to slice and serve. But how do you get that bird from the cooking bag to the carving board? Especially difficult is when you wrap that bird in aluminum foil. Now you find that the foil sticks to the […]

Which Cars Have the Best Auto Insurance Rates?

When consumers buy a car, they generally don’t consider whether the type of car they buy will affect their insurance rates. The type of car you buy really influences whether you pay a high or low premium. If you are looking to purchase a reasonably priced insurance policy on your new car, it is important to know which cars have […]

Top Ad Blocking Solutions Publishers Can Use To Bypass Ad Blocking

615 million devices. Yes, you heard that right! 615 million global devices now use adblock and that’s 30% more year-over-year, according to Pagefair’s 2017 Adblock report, mobile adblock usage grew by 108 million to reach 380 million active devices, while usage of desktop adblock grew by 34 million to reach 236 million assets. devices. The adoption of Adblock on desktops […]

Start the day right

They always ask me what to do next, what will help us make a difference in our lives as adoptive or foster parents? My answer always begins with … Intentionally build a safety net for your child. There are a number of ways we do that and I think one of the most fundamental ways is when we find them […]

Top 5 misconceptions in brand and trademark selection

What “word” or symbol will you choose for your trademark to distinguish your products or services from someone else’s? Selecting the trademark can be very complicated. The goal is to choose a brand that is distinctive and that is not confusingly similar to someone else’s brand. At the same time, you want a brand that is a shield and a […]

Sealing and expungement of criminal records: benefits and reasons for denial

As a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney, I often receive inquiries as to whether a client is eligible to have their criminal record sealed or expunged. I created this “cheat sheet” to help my clients understand the benefits of sealing or expunging a criminal record and the common reasons for denial. Profits Due to the economic recession, the unemployment rate […]

Summerland promises to revitalize

Summer is often a time for people to diligently search for new adventures and vacations. Destination locations can include fun places to explore, new cultures, and terrain. These trips are meant to renew, inspire and rejuvenate. Life can sometimes seem mundane or routine. A trip gives a new flavor or flavor to life. However, I want to invite you to […]