DUI car insurance for convicted drivers

DUI auto insurance has different requirements, depending on where the insured lives, to satisfy state compliance. Only qualified applicants will receive a suitable policy. Form SR22 is used in most states to monitor drivers’ insurance compliance with a DUI conviction. Florida and Virginia use Form FR44 for their drivers. A qualified policy must remain in force for a valid license […]

The best and cheapest place to buy a ferret online

Search engines and browsers have a new role these days. With the growing number of ferret owners, it is normal to see everything online, from ferret cages, houses and accessories to the number of inexpensive sites to buy a ferret online. Relatively, many vendor sites rely on photos of available items, including ferrets. They also include descriptions, prices, and payment […]

Flowering azaleas, camellia, crape myrtle (crape myrtle) and other important landscape shrubs

Landscape shrubs fall into two main categories: evergreen shrubs that are grown primarily for green leaves, and shrubs that are grown for flowers. Some of the flowering shrubs that are grown for flowers are evergreen as well, such as: Albelia, Azalea, Banana bush, Bottlebrush, Bridal Wreath, Gardenia, Ligustrum, Oleander, and Tea Olive. Azaleas and camellias are the most important flowering […]

The Hyduke Mine Road

Our family has been taking semi-annual trips to the Colorado River for as long as I can remember. Tradition dictates that we go to the same place, a sandbar a mile upstream from Picacho on the California side. Picacho, a former mining town, is located about 30 kilometers north of Winterhaven. Getting there requires taking the infamous Picacho Road. It’s […]

How to Help Your Faith Grow

Open your Bible to Romans 10:17, it says … So, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Go ahead and highlight that writing. When negative thoughts come to mind, reject them and replace them with God’s Word. You see, when you have a faith mindset, you are opening your spiritual door for God to work on […]

Illiquid assets: donation and appraisal of promissory notes, a fiscally efficient plan

Get a tax deduction for donating donations of non-cash asset promissory notes Illiquid financial asset A financial asset that is difficult to sell because of cost, lack of interested buyers, or some other reason is called “illiquid.” Examples of illiquid assets include: restricted and private stocks, LLC and limited partnership interests, deeds and mortgages, promissory notes, mineral rights, including oil […]

Impact of the Internet on the attitude and behavior of children

INTRODUCTION We live in the information age, where knowledge is power. The Internet is here to stay and it is happening. Lifestyles are changing. Newspapers are available on the web. Movie tickets can be booked online by logging into the relevant sites. Entertainment concepts are changing. One can watch movies, listen to songs simply by connecting to these sites from […]