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Article Writing Guide – How to Write Quality, Responsive Content

Article Writing Guide – How to Write Quality, Responsive Content

More and more people are becoming interested in learning the ropes of article writing. Most of them understand that it is the key to dominating the online arena. If you are one of them, you will surely benefit from this article as I am about to tell you the things you can do to produce sensible, high-quality articles.

  1. First, identify the best topics for your articles. If you already have a website or blog, talk about the topics that are interesting in the eyes of your target audience. If your site is about Internet marketing, for example, your potential buyers will surely be interested if you offer Internet marketing tips, SEO information, stories about successful Internet sellers, etc. It is very important that you stick to themes that target your potential buyers so that you can easily drive qualified traffic to your website.
  2. Thorough investigation. Before you start writing your articles, I would recommend that you first read the relevant online resources or articles. This is a must even if you consider yourself an expert in your niche. Researching will allow you to get fresh information that will surely make your articles more effective. If necessary, interview other people, particularly those who are considered authorities in your chosen niche.
  3. Plan ahead. You need to keep your articles short. It will really help if you plan ahead so you know exactly how to make them short but very informative. It’s best if you discuss 3-5 main ideas that your readers will find interesting. Avoid discussing too much information, otherwise you will surely lose your readers along the way.
  4. Write powerful headlines. Write your title that accurately reflects the content of your copy. Then optimize it by simply inserting the keywords you are targeting. It will also help if you make it profit-inspired or intriguing. The key here is to tell your readers that they will get something from your articles so that they are drawn to open and read them.
  5. Write your articles. Start by writing a powerful introduction that tells your readers the type of information you’ve included in the body of your article. Then, discuss the main points using a bulleted list or short paragraphs. Keep the tone casual and friendly at all times so you can avoid alienating your readers. Also, make use of simple terms and short sentences. Present the most important information at the top and the supporting details in the following paragraphs.
  6. Optimize your articles. This is very, very important if you are using your articles in your website and article marketing campaign. To ensure they rank higher in search page results, write them based on the algorithms of the major search engines. Make use of keywords and latent semantic indexing technique. Avoid using too many keywords as this will surely annoy both your readers and search engines.

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