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A Top Biker’s Guide To Choosing The Right Motorcycle Boots

A Top Biker’s Guide To Choosing The Right Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle boots are one of the most expensive investments a rider has to make, typically costing between £50 and £400. So why bother?

Regular shoes, construction boots, and walking boots can be dangerous when traveling in powerful motor vehicles. They wear out quickly and become brittle, bootlaces can get caught in the chain, can be easily pulled off leaving your foot exposed, and can make it difficult to shift your weight correctly.

In stark contrast, a good pair of motorcycle boots will be comfortable even at the 300-mile mark. They will protect your toes, ankle, calf, and shin and keep your feet from turning into hamburgers in a crash. And sometimes they look pretty good too. Good cycling boots offer excellent protection and with a wide range to choose from, there’s no excuse not to ride in sandals. These are the three main types:

touring motorcycle boot
These are generally the most affordable cycling boots and are perfect for the everyday commuter who is out in any weather and wants their boots to be comfortable and secure. You can expect to pay £50-100 for a good pair and they should last a long time unless you have an accident.

• Check that they are waterproof, there is nothing worse than wet feet. A professionally made pair should have a HIPORA or Goretex lining that is guaranteed to keep water out.
• Just because touring boots are cheaper doesn’t mean they all skimp on protection. Look for boots that have a solid shin, ankle guards, with toe caps and heel cups to keep your toes on your feet. Otherwise, you might as well go barefoot.

Sports boot for motorcycle
This shoe is ideal for cyclists who feel the need for speed and also want to look the part while riding. Like designer sneakers, this style of shoe often comes in a wide variety of colors or styles and is designed to look great and fit like a glove. The price ranges from 70 to 170 pounds.

• They must have all the protection features of a touring boot.
• They must be comfortable. A good boot doesn’t put too much pressure on your feet, but it should grip you well enough to stay in place, even if you pull on them hard.

motorcycle racing boot
Racing boots are for serious cyclists who push their kit to the limit and demand the latest technology and protection to keep them safe and enhance their performance on the track. Unsurprisingly, they are often the most expensive and can cost upwards of £300, although good quality ones can be found for less than £100.

• Don’t buy into the hype surrounding a designer brand boot. Check what protection it offers and, if you can, test the size and fit of the boot.
• Shopping around. Biker clothing retailers have a wide range of prices – make sure you get the best deal.

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