A Look Into Gordon Ramsay’s Mind & Cocaine Side Effect

Cocaine Side Effect

Gordon Ramsay investigates the worldwide cocaine trade. Once the world’s favorite drug, cocaine has become Britain’s most popular Class A drug. The purity of cocaine in America has increased over the years, as drug users travel to the UK for the cheap high. Drugs such as ecstasy, cannabis and amphetamines are also on the rise in this country and the dealers are getting increasingly bolder.

The investigation uncovers a criminal world full of underhand deals and betrayal. There are dealers who try to run out in the middle of the transaction and there are those who want to make a fast buck by selling the cocaine they have in their possession at a much higher rate than normal. Gordon Ramsay tells us how he brought down the power of the cocaine world and why only the authorities and police are now able to tackle the problem.

There is a lot of commentary throughout the documentary, which makes it easy to follow and is informative too. We learn from the dealers who are interviewed about their motivation for selling the drugs and we also get to hear from Gordon Ramsay about his own experiences with cocaine use. We discover the type of nightclubs and hotels where cocaine use is most widespread. We hear from chefs who are worried about the impact of this form of entertainment on their customers and we see footage from a luxury hotel in America which shows the impact it can have on a customer.

A Look Into Gordon Ramsay’s Mind

The video evidence from this documentary would suggest that Gordon Ramsay had a problem with coke and it was a major factor in his downfall. His relationship with wife Tania had soured when she discovered his secret drug use and it all came to a head when he left her and went to spend time with coke dealer John Smith. It was rumored that this was going to be the beginning of the end for Ramsay but it didn’t come to anything. Instead it was he who ended up leaving his wife. The allegations implied that both had an affair that resulted in the divorce.

This two-part documentary offers the full scoop on how Gordon Ramsay lost everything. We learn the real reasons why he ended up with the crack cocaine habit and how he began to use it as a way to numb the pain of being a celebrity chef. We also discover the reason why he went back to his old ways and why he introduced the icing sugar into his meals. Finally, we are shown the real inner workings of a celebrity chef and exactly how he thinks and works. If you thought eating lots of ice cream and two-part ice tea was bad for you, then you will not believe what the chef is subjected to. It is quite amazing just how many bizarre things he is able to stomach.

This two-part documentary really shows what motivated Gordon Ramsay to become the celebrity chef that he is today. If you have an opportunity to view this film, I would highly recommend that you do. Do not miss out on an insight into the mind of a famous celebrity chef. You will truly enjoy this film and I bet you will want to see more of these in the future. Trust me, you will not regret it.

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