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5 tips to keep your Flokati rug white, fluffy and clean

5 tips to keep your Flokati rug white, fluffy and clean

If you have a Flokati rug or are considering buying one, here are some tips on how to keep your white Flokati rug fluffy and clean.

1. Take out your Flokati mat and shake it

Giving your rug a good shake can help lift up any wool fibers that may have flattened when furniture was placed on it or due to heavy foot traffic. Shaking the rug will also remove a lot of dirt and dust that has become trapped in the wool fibers.

If you can get someone to help you shake out the rug, that’s best. Each person takes one side and shakes it vigorously. You will notice dust and dirt coming out of the carpet. Keep shaking it until all the dust and dirt appear to be gone.

If you don’t have anyone to help you, hang it on the clothesline. Tape one side of the rug to the clothesline, while holding and shaking the other side.

Try and make the effort to give it a good shake at least every month.

2. Leave your rug outside for a while, but not in the sun.

After you’ve shaken the rug well, leave it outside to air out, preferably for a few hours. This can help eliminate odors and help freshen you up.

Don’t leave it in the sun. Your Flokati rug is made of wool and too much sunlight can cause the wool in your rug to appear yellow. The sun can discolor woolen items.

3. Brush your carpet

Get a soft-bristled brush and brush the carpet. This can untangle any tangled wool fibers. Brush it from the center to the outside of the rug. Some of the fibers may get caught in the brush, and that is normal.

You may want to avoid vacuuming your Flokati rug, especially if you have a vacuum with a rotating brush in the vacuum head. The long wool fibers can get stuck in the vacuum head, which is not good for your carpet or your vacuum.

4. Raise the wool fibers

After you shake the carpet well and brush it well, you can lift the wool fibers with an ordinary plastic garden rake. Make sure the rake is clean. Place the rake at the base of the wool fibers and gently lift the wool from the bottom up.

This should be fairly easy to do after you’ve brushed the carpet. Some of the fibers may get caught on the rake and this is okay. This will not damage your Flokati rug as it is very strong.

5. Wash your Flokati rug

A Flokati rug needs a good washing once a year, depending on how dirty it is.

If it’s small, you can wash it in your washing machine on a gentle cycle. Use a mild detergent, the same one you use for woolen clothes. Do not use bleach. Lay it out in the shade to dry, and then give it a good brush once it’s dried.

If your rug is large, place it outside and spray it with water. Take your brush, dip it in a mixture of cold water and mild detergent, and brush it out. Then dry it in the shade. Brush it on when it’s dry and then brush it over.

Shaking, airing, raking and washing the Flokati rug should keep it white, fluffy and clean.

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