5 Secret Secrets to Starting Your Own Sprinkler Repair Business

5 Secret Secrets to Starting Your Own Sprinkler Repair Business

Would you like to earn money in your spare time or on the weekend? Or even work entirely for you? One option is to start your own sprinkler repair business. People can mow their own lawn in a recession, but they rarely do their own sprinkler system repairs. Armed with these 5 insider secrets for starting your own sprinkler business, you can be off to a good start.

Insider Secret # 1: Price by type of repair. When you buy a shovel at the hardware store, the price does not divide the parts and labor. So why charge your customers this way, detailing both parts and labor? It is nobody’s business but you how much you are earning in labor. For every repair you make, set prices that include parts and labor. For a fee, he charges $ 45 for a rotor sprayer replacement. The $ 45 covers the $ 12 parts price and your labor charge. Pricing by repair type allows you to quickly quote repairs to potential customers.

Internal secret n. # 2: Gathering customers is more important than your repair skills. Actually, this is quite logical – without customers calling you for repairs on their system, you won’t have a chance to show off your repair skills. Therefore, you must focus your limited time on attracting customers to yourself, telling everyone that you know you are in the sprinkler repair business; taking the time to write Google and Yahoo trade posts for you to appear when people search for “sprinkler repair” in your geographic area. The quality of your work is important, but don’t delay in starting a business to learn more about repairs. You will learn by doing it in this business!

Internal secret n. # 3: Call customers back immediately. This secret may seem obvious, but you will be surprised and surprised how many of your competitors, many of them focused on their high-profit installation jobs, won’t even call in customers desperately in need of sprinkler repairs. It’s your job to do these quick repair jobs and make a profit!

Insider Secret # 4: Meet a plumbing or irrigation supplies wholesaler. Do a Google search to find plumbing or irrigation supply wholesalers in your area and then visit them. Get to know 1 or 2 of the salespeople personally and tell them you are interested in starting a sprinkler repair business. They will tell you about the sprinkler equipment in common use in the area, likely extend a line of credit, and even provide training on their products. They will be essential for your business.

Insider Secret # 5: Organize and protect your business. Your repair business must start on dry land. That means protecting your business and yourself personally by using a proper business organization structure such as a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) for your protection. Form your business organization, then establish a bank account for your business; never mix personal funds with your business cash flow. Set up an accounting system to track your expenses and bill your clients professionally. Always seek the professional assistance of an accountant or attorney if you need it.

Most people will not repair their own sprinkler system, even in a recession! The start-up costs are low and the profit potential is high. This makes a sprinkler repair business worth considering.

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