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5 companies creating useful software solutions for appraisers

5 companies creating useful software solutions for appraisers

The hard work of real estate appraisers can be made a little easier with the help of the right software for the right task. Unlike other industries where hundreds of software companies compete for a smaller share of the market, there are not too many software companies in the market for real estate appraisers. But luckily there are 5 popular names in the industry that are widely used by appraisers around the world to complete the job in a faster and more intuitive way. In this article, we’ll take a look at those companies and their popular software products.

  1. in fashion: a la mode is the manufacturer of a highly successful TOTAL software product for appraisers. It is considered the best software in the world for appraisers since its first version; And with the latest version, which is known as TOTAL 2013, it has gotten even better. Now you can spread your assessment work across multiple screens with TOTAL 2013’s multi-window architecture for the best productivity boost. It also has a very comprehensive comps database, collecting data from multiple sources and presenting it on a visual map. It also has several report-related features, which help in faster and better report creation. In addition, with its mobile application for iOS and Android, you get more control and quick access to your data, even if your work PC is not available with you. Other popular products from the company include WinTOTAL, Mercury, UAD Reader, and Swift Estimator.
  2. Narrative1: Automated Google Maps, a comprehensive comps database, the ability to combine data from MS-Word and Excel, various assessment templates, and assessment spreadsheets are just some of the features of Narrative1. It is also one of the most popular software products in its space. Its easy-to-use interface doesn’t require you to spend several hours learning how to use it either.
  3. ICA: ACI, another hugely successful name in the appraisal industry, offers several popular software solutions for appraisers. The two most popular are ACI2012 UAD and ACI Sketch. While ACI2012 UAD is form-filling software that helps generate UAD-compliant reports, ACI Sketch helps you design professional-looking floor plans on your PC screen. Both products are extremely feature-rich with dozens of tools and validation mechanisms to make your job easier. Along with these two products, ACI also has several other software products designed specifically for appraisers.
  4. HomePuter: HomePuter offers two software products for appraisers: FPS v7.5, which is form filling software, and DMS v2.3, which is decision-making software. FPS includes a sketch processor, newer forms, signature scanning and other features required to fill out forms, while DMS is regression analysis based software designed basically for decision making, so it has features related to that job. (ie, database administration, ability to analyze 31 variables together, and so on).
  5. SFREP: Appraise-It is SFREP’s most popular software product. The Appraise-It software package provides you with an easy-to-use interface to create assessment reports that include maps, images, sketches, signatures, and text. It also includes drawing software called Sketch-It, comp management software called Comp Manager, and photo management software called Image Manager.

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