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3 rules that every successful blog must follow

Running a successful blog requires patience, consistency, and the willingness to develop content that your readers will find of interest to them! The culmination of these efforts usually results in the creation of a large loyal following of return visitors to your site! It is this tracking that tends to be used as a measure of your success when blogging and it involves 3 variables you need to focus on to build interest and traffic to your site!

Here are 3 simple rules you must follow to make your blog a popular destination and thus qualify both your efforts and your site as a success!


The product you offer your readers are the updates you post to your platform, so your top priority is developing content you can publish. No matter how many people decide to visit your blog, if it lacks quality, fresh content, you will soon lack traffic too! Set a consistent posting schedule and update your site as often as your schedule allows so people have something new to see. Remember, the schedule you set will set the expectations of those who visit your site, so if your post lacks consistency, your traffic flow will too!


The content you offer MUST appeal to your target audience! Focusing on the “type” of information you create is more important than simply creating something new for people to see. The temptation to ‘delight’ your readers with useless but easier to produce ‘junk’ more frequently can also tempt you to stray from the central theme of your blog. The point here is that if you deviate from the central theme of your platform, the content you post is likely not to be read! Keep your thoughts and ideas focused on the original intent of your blogging platform if you want to turn a one-time visit into a flood of repeat visitors!


Any effort you put into researching or further developing the content you post on your blog is wasted unless people realize you have something ‘new’ to check out! Most bloggers know how to optimize their posts for search engines, but it takes more to really generate the kind of traffic that will make an impact! It all starts with sharing… share your links on all the social media platforms you’re active on, as well as your emails and let’s not forget any free information you’re currently circulating. Always give your readers a reason to come back by letting them know of any new updates, because the more people who come back to your site, the more loyal they tend to feel too!

The biggest obstacles to building a successful blog are the time and patience it takes to develop content that your readers will enjoy! The need to generate the necessary traffic to let people know you posted something new or even that your site exists should not be downgraded in terms of importance! The discussion above emphasizes the top 3 variables that all bloggers need to address if their goal is to turn readers into repeat visitors! Just remember that it takes time to develop loyalty with your readers, but once it’s achieved, this same loyalty can also serve to help you build an even bigger following!

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