21 Success Secrets Of Self Made Millionaires By Brian Tracy – Book Review

Title and author: 21 Success Secrets Of Self Made Millionaires by Brian Tracy

Contents synopsis:

Brian Tracy is a very successful businessman and consultant who also has a higher education. He has developed a reputation for his knowledge of what works in business. He has worked and studied self-made millionaires and other successful people, and here he provides the simple formula for success.

In this simple and very short little book, Tracy covers her list of 21 essentials to being a self-made millionaire. Nothing here will surprise you, however, the style and manner of its presentation is pleasant and easy to follow.

Tracy touches on the true essentials for personal success. Each chapter has no more than 4 pages. The entire book, including the index, is only 80 pages long. You can sit back and read this little gem in an hour.

If you find yourself struggling with success (or failure) and don’t know where to start changing your life to move towards success, this is a great guide. Read it more than once and soak up the wisdom here. It is the genuine.

Its chapters address the importance of having a great dream; develop a clear sense of direction and maintain it; seeing yourself in control of your own destiny by seeing yourself as a self-employed worker; Do what you love to do; commit to excellence; work harder and harder; dedicate yourself to lifelong learning; pay yourself first; master the details of your business; dedicate yourself to serving others; maintain absolute integrity; Focus on your highest priorities; develop a reputation for speed and reliability; climb from peak to peak; practice self-discipline in all things; unlock your creativity; partner with the right people; take good care of your health; be decisive and action-oriented; never let failure be an option and always be persistent.

All of these are tried and true. They are all the gold standard of success tips. Tracy provides some brief illustrations and develops each item just enough to explain it.

Readability / Writing quality:

This book is very easy to read. Each chapter is short. The entire book can be read in an hour or less.

Notes on the author:

Brian Tracy is a professional speaker, trainer, and consultant. He is also a self-made millionaire.

He has a master’s degree from Columbia Pacific University. He has worked with more than 22 different companies over the years. He began lecturing and teaching in 1981 and has since, translated into 20 languages ‚Äč‚Äčaround the world.

Three great ideas you can use:

1. You must develop your sense of direction and then commit to seeing through your dreams through action.

2. Master your business and your own potential through continuing education in your business area and through constant learning to improve your own skills.

3. Practice self-discipline and perseverance, the two most important qualities for success.

Publication information:

21 success secrets of self-made millionaires by Brian Tracy

Copyright: 2001 by Brian Tracy

Published by Executive Books

General rating: Very well

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