Dickie Roberts: The Childhood Comedy Actor

Peggy Roberts was an actress who accidentally got pregnant. He did not know who his father was and felt that his baby, Dickie, slowed down his career. He decided to boost Dickie’s acting career by having him try out daily for the role of a boy, regardless of whether it was a role for a girl. His mother only loved […]

PR Strategy Trends for 2017

The public relations industry continues to evolve. As visual storytelling, digital and social media continue to play a larger role, many marketers are looking to incorporate more tools into their PR war chest. Here are some of the most popular trends that could give your business a boost and a heads-up over your competition. 1. Video, video and video. Have […]

How to get "Super strong" For wrestling!

Wrestling is a sport that requires levels of strength above average. To be a Champion, you need to maintain the strength you have built up in the offseason and maintain it through a full season of dual encounters, tournaments, and constant “weight loss.” This is not easy to do … unless you know how to do it! The skills you […]

Lawyers specialized in criminal defense

Criminal defense attorneys are experts specialized in handling criminal cases of various kinds. Criminal defense lawyers are lawyers whose profession is based on the provision of essential services to people who are considered accused or criminals in the courts of law. The basic purpose of hindering the service of the criminal defense attorney is that the criminal defense attorney will […]

Full steam ahead: unleash your anger

“Not only does suppressing anger predispose to illness, but the experience of anger has been shown to promote healing or at least prolong survival.” – Gabor Maté, When the body says no; The cost of hidden stress In theory, I love to play in the garden. But I must confess that I had mixed feelings about puttering when I was […]

Mp7 – The phone of the new era

There was a time when all we had were landline “landlines” to make and receive calls. Later, things changed with the advent of cordless telephones and this offered greater freedom, since one could move around the premises speaking on the phone. Even this is seemingly becoming obsolete, with cell phones becoming all the rage. These phones offer maximum flexibility, as […]

Is your toilet paper making you sick?

How many of us take toilet paper and paper towels for granted? I mean, besides which one is the softest or the most absorbent, have you ever thought about how they make them or how safe they are for you? he I I never really thought about the dangers lurking in my toilet paper roll, but after speaking with my […]