Skin problems that affect toy poodles

Toy Poodles can live up to 17 years or even longer if they lead a healthy life. However, a Toy Poodle may not be able to live that long due to accidents, illness, or other health problems. That is why it is important that all dog owners take the necessary precautions to prevent accidents, illnesses and other health problems. Owners […]

Property Management 101: Rental Property Brands

From a property management point of view, branding covers the personal branding of property managers. This includes the signage (office and street signs), the office, the website, the profiles, the uniforms, the brochures, the window cards, and the properties you are renting. If a home is not well presented, it will reflect on the property owner and manager as well […]

Disney just awakened the potential of Hulu

Did you see the Golden Globes this year? Honestly, I didn’t, but my wife was looking up at it. I know this because I helped make sure the NBC live stream worked well on our Roku. The Golden Globes are historically a celebration of traditional media: television broadcasts, cable shows, movies, etc. This year marked a turning point, underscored by […]