Saved by the Ficara

It was September 1943. Maria Caterina, 32, was a single woman who helped care for her younger sister and father. His four brothers were somewhere in the theater of war in World War II. They haven’t been heard from in quite some time. Rumors circulated in the village that at least two had been taken prisoner, but no one knew […]

Juan Diaz – "The baby bull"

Diaz, 24, recently lost his WBA, WBO and IBF title belts to Nate Campbell on March 8, 2008. The loss was the first of his fighting career. Diaz suffered a severe cut to his left eye caused by a head butt, the cut affected Diaz’s vision throughout the fight. Diaz reports that his left eye is now completely healed after […]

Sending Reiki by distance to your "Younger me"

Train yourself in distant healing by working with yourself. Instead of doing self healings like you did with Reiki 1, you can now send Reiki to yourself “at a distance”. Use distance healing to heal problems in your own life. Sit in your healing area. Meditate long enough to clear your mind, relax your body, and establish concentration. Visualize yourself […]

How to stop beagles from biting humans

Are you having trouble biting with your Beagle? Read on for tips on managing bites in Beagles of different ages. People would definitely like to have an energetic yet obedient Beagle as a pet. However, they often face a situation where the dog attacks a human being. They then decide to learn how to prevent beagles from biting. A dog […]

Cash flow notes: becoming a broker

There are several forms of debt instruments and one is cash flow notes. These are generally promissory notes and when you buy them, you will be the creditor. Today, the most popular are those related to real estate although deeds of trust, mortgages, lottery winnings and tax lien certificates can also be found. You can sell the notes at a […]

FHA 203K loans: blessing or nightmare

Good news for homeless people. There is an opportunity through the FHA to buy a home and rehab it right away. The loan is called 203k and the benefits of financing your first home or your first home in more than 5 years in this way are numerous. First, you can buy a house with a 3% down payment plus […]

Possible problems in running a shaved ice business

Do you have a shaved ice business or are you planning to start one? Do you have what it takes to deal with some of the potential problems of running this type of business? Here are some problems that can arise when running this type of business. Seasonal changes Shaved ice would be very popular as well as profitable depending […]