Offensive spread for soccer: 5 wide attack offenses

The soccer spread offense has become one of the most popular high school and college plays in soccer today. Here’s an article on a new type of spread crime. The soccer spread offense allows you to be more aggressive on offense. You can win soccer games using the extended offense even if your opponent has better talent. I spoke to […]

The good and bad of Bermuda grass

Bermuda grass is one of the most popular grasses in the US It has been used extensively on golf courses, lawns, large landscapes, playgrounds, recreational parks, sports facilities, etc. Originally from the country of Africa, where it populated the open areas of the country, this transplanted herb has also proven to be resistant in this country. Its origin undoubtedly explains […]

African travel tips when visiting Kenya

Kenya is the land that has given birth to the most popular African activity for tourists, namely safari, and it’s easy to see why. Blessed with tremendous topographic diversity spanning four climate zones and with coral reefs, desert landscapes, volcanoes, and snow-capped mountains, Kenya has it all in one. These diverse landscapes and wilderness areas are inhabited by world-famous Kenyan […]

Oh thank god the Border Collie is here

I came across a joke the other day; He said Border Collies are expensive to maintain because they don’t reach their full potential unless they are allowed to graduate from an Ivy League school. Given that these dogs routinely score at the top of intelligence tests, I can almost believe it. A dog named “Betsy” appeared on the cover of […]

Creating repeatable business growth

Combine the power of today’s social media with the constant need for business growth and you get a wealth of: Hoping for success Wishing things “went viral” Comparing to someone else who “went big” Be willing to pay exorbitant amounts for social media experts. Advocating for growth But the recipe for business growth has not changed. It remains the same: […]

Games expected to become popular in 2017

Games are a source of entertainment. They offer us so important relief that most of us lack in our daily lives. They are easy to use and we tend to withdraw into a world quite different from the real one when we are playing. There are many games that are already popular. Some of the online researchers say that 2017 […]