2008 San Diego Chargers Preliminary Report

2008 San Diego Chargers Preliminary Report

The San Diego Chargers have greatly improved their game in recent seasons, finishing last year with a solid 11-5 record and a victory in the divisional playoffs. The team’s defense is among the best in the league and has in fact earned first place among many statistical rankings. Will the team improve its record and make it to the Super Bowl in 2009? An indication of future success may lie in the team’s draft picks for the new season.

Who did the San Diego Chargers select for their draft picks this ultra-competitive year? His first-round pick was cornerback Antoine Cason from the University of Arizona. The second pick, in the third round, was running back Jacob Hester of Louisiana State University, followed by running back Marcus Thomas of the University of Texas-El Paso. Rounding out the draft list were Boston College cornerback DeJuan Tribble and Texas A&M offensive tackle Corey Clark.

What was the reaction from fans and experts to the team’s draft picks? There was a strong reaction for the team’s first pick, cornerback Antoine Cason, a second-generation NFL defensive back and also a previous winner of the Jim Thorpe award for Top Defensive Back. Cason finished his career at Arizona with an impressive 15 picks and a campus-record 349 interception return yards. Cason started as a starter and faithfully started 46 games in his amateur career. He must have learned that talent from his father Wendell Cason, a Pac-10 defensive running back who once played for the Atlanta Falcons.

Jacob Hester also received a favorable mention, as this running back and winger is a solid athlete. He led his amateur team to the 2007 BCS National Championship and finished with a record 1,780 yards and 20 touchdowns. During his last two seasons, he started in his very difficult college lecture. Then the Chargers decided to recruit Marcus Thomas, a big and powerful running back who had built a college career as a leading running back. Thomas was also one of the few players in his school’s history to score more than 100 points in one season. The team hopes Hester and Thomas will help fill the void left by outgoing player Michael Turner. DeJuan Tribble is a two-time All-ACC pick and very fast player who tied a school record by scoring three interception returns for touchdowns, while Corey Clark has played a three-year starter for the Aggies and received a mention. of honor for the All. -Big 12 election in 2007.

However, the rest of the team’s draft picks did not receive as much praise as the first two. In fact, Thomas’ selection was greeted with some skepticism, as it was a bit of a stretch for a team that only had a small number of selections. Tribble has led many to wonder if its small size will be a negative factor, while Clark was also disappointed. The San Diego Chargers hope to lean on Hester and Cason or surprise us with the talent of their lower-tier players. It may be that the Chargers are planning victory this season and if 2007 proves anything, you can’t rule them out.

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