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10 techniques to spot Thai ladyboys

10 techniques to spot Thai ladyboys

If you are planning a trip to Thailand to meet beautiful Thai girls, be prepared for the obligatory “beware of shemales” comments. While the comments may get old after a while, they do have some merit. As an experienced traveler to Thailand, I have to say that sometimes it can be very difficult to differentiate between real Thai women and katoeys (Thai word for transsexuals, who are also often called ladyboys). In the United States and Europe it’s easy to spot them because men’s and women’s bodies are built so differently. However, in Thailand, the body structure of men and women is very similar. That’s why I’ve tried 10 techniques for detecting ladyboys and explain which techniques are useful and which ones just aren’t. Think of it like Myth Busters for detecting crossdressers. Let’s start!

Technique #1 If the middle finger is significantly larger than the index finger: The idea is that men have significantly longer middle fingers compared to their other fingers. This is completely false and you cannot determine anything from this technique.

Technique #2 The Adam’s apple is visible only in men and never in women. This is a valid method. Men have visible Adam’s apples, while women do not. Both men and women have Adam’s apples, but a man’s larynx is larger, making it protrude from the neck and therefore visible.

Technique #3 Thai women have tiny little feet while Thai women have big feet. Yes, most Thai men have bigger feet than women. But they are not much bigger. Also, I know some beautiful Thai girls who are very petite, except they have big hands and feet. So if you suspect that a Thai woman is actually a katoey, make sure you have more evidence than a large shoe size.

Technique #4 Katoey can’t “walk the walk” – Thai women walk with such grace and beauty. Thai girls are probably the most feminine creatures on the planet. It is extremely difficult for a man to try to imitate her graceful walk and hip sway. So if you see a woman walking around in high heels like she’s more comfortable in basketball shoes, you’re probably looking at a shemale.

Technique #5 Lots of Body Hair: Thai women have very little body hair. Unfortunately, neither do Thai men. But if you spend enough time with beautiful Thai girls, you know that there is an absolute limit to the amount of body hair they have, and in fact, it is less than a man. Another tip is that because Thai women have so little leg hair, most don’t shave their legs. Alternatively, a ladyboy has to shave his legs to create the illusion of being a woman.

Technique #6 Too much facial hair or too much foundation? – In fact, I have seen ladyboys after a long night with stubble. But if you catch them early in the evening after a close shave, it can be more difficult. Also, Thai men have much less facial hair than Western men, so it can be difficult for the untrained eye to spot. One thing to note is that Thai ladies do not use a lot of foundation. The skin of a Thai woman is so smooth and soft that very little makeup is needed to cover the skin. Thai ladyboys, on the other hand, must wear foundation to help cover their facial hair. It’s a dead giveaway.

Technique #7 You look TOO sexy for a Thai woman! – Yes, Thai women dress sexy. And yes, Thai ladyboys do dress sexy. The secret is that even though Thai women dress sexy, it is still a “conservative” sexy. If it looks like she’s wearing a very short sexy skirt, chances are that that skirt is actually a pair of shorts that look like a skirt. Either that or Thai girls wear shorts under the short skirt. But katoeys are not that conservative and they are ultra sexy. If you see a very hot lady in an incredibly revealing and sexy dress, “she” is probably “he”.

Technique #8 You are tall for a Thai woman. You are a model? – If the answer is no, you have a ladyboy! – All Thai people are short by Western standards. But very few Thai women are over 5 feet 4 inches tall. If they are beautiful and taller than this, they are professional models or they are guys.

Technique #9 Your beasts are too small – Another difficult one. Thai women are so small that they can have small breasts. But having no breasts at all should send up some warning signs!

Technique #10 Why do you whisper? – I find this technique to be actually one of the best. Although Thai girls are very beautiful, elegant and kind, they talk very loud! This is especially true when they talk to their girlfriends. Thai ladies always seem to use their “external voice” almost everywhere. If a ladyboy is trying to trick you into thinking “he” is “she” then she will speak very low and low to help mask her raspy voice.

Fortunately, Thai women have a great sense of humor. They understand a man’s problem and usually don’t take offense if you ask them directly if they are katoey and they are not. Just make sure you ask in a playful but honest way and you’ll almost always get an honest answer.

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