10 Magazines Every Man Should Subscribe To

10 Magazines Every Man Should Subscribe To

Are you looking for a gift for a man that is impossible to buy? Perhaps you are a man looking to expand his horizons. Whatever you’re looking for, you might find it in a magazine. As a side note, all of these magazines that I list can be found on the best online site for cheap magazines. Now to the list!

  1. max: Alright, I’m not as big a fan of this magazine as I used to be, but I still felt like it should be on the list, which is why I ranked it #10. Maxim Magazine is the fastest growing general interest magazine for men out there. incorporates smart service journalism with an irreverent sense of humor. Maxim covers the gamut of topics, including sports, sex, cars, fitness, and personal relationships. Maxim Magazine brings it all together in one place so kids can relax, laugh, and learn while doing it.

  1. the new yorker: This is my official visit to the dentist magazine. I’ve been reading it twice a year for as long as I can remember and one of these days I’m going to subscribe. The New Yorker Magazine is more than a magazine—it’s a cultural icon dedicated to good writing and ideas. New Yorker is like the best conversation you can imagine about art and technology, politics and personalities, medicine and movies, fiction and fashion, culture and commentary. Talk about The New Yorker. heatedly. Reverentially. At board meetings. On the phone…on the Internet…with a dry Martini or a hot cappuccino. And the cartoons? The best. The funniest. The only. Suitable for refrigerator or office bulletin board.

  1. popular science: It’s not just for nerds anymore… I’ve recently started reading this magazine on a monthly basis and am always pleasantly surprised by at least one of the articles. Topics range from the latest car models to the latest in military technology, but the writers keep everything subdued enough for the layman to understand. There’s also something to build at home every month, which gives me an excuse to use all those gadgets that are collecting dust in my garage.

  1. Playboy: The number one selling men’s magazine. Enough talk.

  1. Rolling Stone: Again, it’s not at all the cultural phenomenon it used to be when Hunter S. Thompson wrote feature articles, but it’s still a cornerstone of music magazines today. It features cutting-edge music reviews, in-depth interviews, provocative photos, and award-winning reporting. It also contains political and social examinations of the world today and how these issues affect you.

  1. ANGRY: We all read it as kids and if you’re like me you’re not sure why you stopped. The absurd, the nonsense, the stupidity, the senselessness, the lightness, the ridiculousness, the absurd and the improbability reign in this monthly compendium of political and social satire, and toilet humor. Alfred E. Neuman himself would be proud of you for upholding your childhood roots.

  1. cabling: Another one that’s not just for geeks these days. Wired Magazine is dedicated to bringing readers the latest news on the high-tech businesses that are changing our future. Written to be enjoyed by both those familiar with the high-tech industry and those simply interested in this booming field, Wired Magazine features articles on the people and companies behind the technological revolution. You’ll receive monthly issues packed with information on what’s new in digital electronics, the Internet, e-commerce, and more!

  1. Forbes: Okay, I’ll admit, I’ve never taken a Forbes number in my life, but I’ll tell you this: It looks extremely impressive sitting on the back of my toilet every month. Business is serious business, but Forbes unravels the mysteries with in-depth coverage of topics, trends, events, and articles about the personalities shaping the business world today and shaping the future. Forbes covers global business stories with insight, solid sources, and tremendous zeal. No merger, new ad campaign or lawsuit goes unnoticed and the stories always focus on the promoters shaking things up. The magazine offers in-depth coverage that examines the personalities and issues shaping today’s business world and explores the trends of tomorrow. Forbes offers regular articles on technology, careers, business services, healthcare, and the various markets. Forbes also publishes annual lists of the best companies and the richest people. Read Forbes to understand today’s volatile market, or just for the sheer pleasure of reading good reports. I still do not understand…

  1. ESPN: A must have for every grandparent, father and son. ESPN Magazine delivers sports information the way it’s meant to be. ESPN puts the spotlight on matchups, players to watch, season previews and predictions, and perspectives on and off the field, all with incredible photography. ESPN offers coverage of professional and college football, baseball, basketball, and hockey in every edition. Also included in each issue are columns from ESPN Network’s own Dan Patrick, Stuart Scott and Rich Eisen, as well as the athletes themselves.

  1. men’s health: Ok, I admit, I originally ranked this around #3. #5, but I felt a little guilty about it. Every man owes it to himself to read Men’s Health. It is designed to help men achieve a lifestyle that is complete and healthy in body, mind and spirit. Men’s Health Magazine discusses exercise techniques, diet tips, and includes columns to help you with your mental and emotional well-being. You will also get a lot of information about new products that will help you stay in shape!

There you have it, the essential guide to becoming a well-rounded American man. Magazine subscriptions are becoming more affordable as the world becomes increasingly digital. Keep those mailmen earning their paychecks. I recommend the magazine subscriptions offered in They have the most affordable prices I’ve seen on the net. Happy reading!

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