0800 numbers: how to market effectively with them

0800 numbers have always been an effective marketing tool because people would rather spend nothing than spend something on a phone call. However, these numbers also allow accurate tracking to measure response to advertising. This article looks at the steps to effectively market with 0800 numbers.

Step 1 – Buy your 0800 number from a reputable reseller

Always double check that when you buy an 0800 number online, the reseller is trustworthy. It will help to research where they are located and perhaps carry out a credit check to make sure you are fully protected.

Step 2: Remember that 0800 numbers attract more customers

It is well documented that if a business has a toll-free number, potential customers are more likely to choose it. However, it will help if you prepare for an extra boost in inquiries to handle additional calls from your new 0800 numbers. You need to be organized so you don’t leave your hard-earned customers waiting in line to speak to you.

Step 3: Monitor your ad with 0800 numbers

It is possible to track the performance of various marketing mediums by designating a unique 0800 number for each individual ad. So if you had four ads in The BT Phone Book, each one would need a unique 0800 number. This will allow you to monitor the success of each ad you place. You should be able to get all the information you need online from your 0800 number provider or perhaps online through a portal.

Step 4: Monthly company announcement reports

HAS reliable 0800 number company usually provides a monthly report detailing call traffic to each 0800 number. This may be available online or may be provided with your paper bill. Some companies go the extra mile and calculate the cost per view for each ad for you. This is achieved by calculating the monthly cost of the advertisement divided by the number of calls received at your designated 0800 number. For example, if we know that an ad costs £100 per month and received 10 calls, then the cost per query would equal £10. Comparing the cost per query is a great way to measure the relative effectiveness of different mediums.

Step 5: Evaluate which means work best for you

Don’t fall victim to commission-hungry ad sales reps urging you to invest in their media platform. Use your research data collected from 0800 numbers to compare which mediums have worked best for your ad. This will allow you to remove poorly performing ads. The freed-up cash can be invested elsewhere instead of being wasted.

Follow these simple steps and you can get the most out of your ad spend.

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